Economical Universal Cutter Grinder BT200
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Economical Universal Cutter Grinder BT200


Introduction of BT200

As the market and users demand more and more tool grinders, it is only now that they continue to innovate in grinder technology to keep up with the times. The economic universal cutter grinder BT200, which is newly launched, has a complete range of tools that can be repaired and grinds. The equipment is manufactured in China and sold in China for export. The kinds of tools that can be sharpened are: spiral edge of milling cutter, end face edge of end milling cutter, ball head edge of end milling cutter, three-face milling cutter, front face of  hobbing cutter, front and back Angle of tap cone, saw blade milling cutter, carving cutter, bit drilling Angle, bit transverse edge, turning tool, reamer, thin-wall drill, and woodworking drill, etc.

Mechanical parameters of BT200

Maximum cutter diameter: 125 mm Maximum cutter length: 320 mm Table lateral movement: 300 mm Table longitudinal movement: 150 mm Distance from tool axis to the table: 120 mm Swing Angle of grinding head: ±40° Motor power and speed: 180 watts, 2800 RPM Size: 1300×780×950 mm Weight: 280 kg  

Main machine of BT200 universal tool grinder (including tool cabinet), including:

1. Straight shank spindle (Φ 32 mm) 2. Universal support 200ZY (including 60° apex, 60° semi-imperfect apex, 60° fine apex, and Mohs no. 4 apexes) 3. Bowl grinding wheel (specification: 125×45×32 mm) 4. Disc grinding wheel (specification: 125× 32mm) 5. Instruction manual

Optional device:

1. Drill grinding (200K) Max. Grinding diameter 32 mm; 2. Milling cutter grinder (200D) contains a set of 5C jig (6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm in diameter); 3. The electric head frame (200W) can grind the outer circle; 4. Tool fixture 200DF can be installed on 200F, used for grinding lathe tool. 5. Indexing head frame 200F and 3-jaw chuck shaft plate K1180 can be installed on 200F, used for grinding the end teeth of the straight shank milling cutter. 6. Grinding wheel corrector (including dressing pen). 7. Straight shank spindle (diameter specifications: Φ 16, Φ22, Φ27,  Φ 40 mm); 8. Taper shank spindle (diameter specifications: Φ 16, Φ22, Φ27, Φ 32, Φ 40 mm).    
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