Difference Between Natural And Artificial Diamonds
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Difference Between Natural And Artificial Diamonds


The biggest difference between natural and artificial diamonds

Natural diamonds are defined as having a depth of 200 km below the surface at extreme temperatures (approx. 1500).C) and at high pressure (about 50,000 atmospheres). But it is already possible to create the same conditions in a laboratory environment to produce synthetic diamonds. Jewelry processing is meticulous technical work, although the diamond is beautiful, the price is prohibitive. A team of us scientists has good news for diamond-lovers: they have created a synthetic diamond of comparable quality, which could one day be used on a large scale to produce diamonds of high quality and low price. When using traditional methods to generate diamonds, diamonds need high temperature and high pressure to "change color", which is expensive. In contrast, they used microwaves at low pressures to remove impurities at temperatures as high as 2,200 degrees Celsius. The process was more economical, cost-effective, and the diamonds contained fewer impurities and were of higher quality. The identification of natural and synthetic diamonds has become a priority. But this is harder than distinguishing forged diamonds. Natural and synthetic diamonds are made of carbon atoms and are arranged in the same crystal lattice, so they have the same physical properties. The only features are irregularities in the microstructure and atomic-scale lattice of crystals, known as crystal defects. In this respect, natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds are not identical due to different growth environments, such as chemical atmospheres and growth rates. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery manufactured BT-150H PCD &PCBN tool grinding machine for grinding artificial diamonds. It can grind angles and radii on standard and special turning and milling inserts, boring tools, grooving tools and many types of special turning tools.

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