Diamond Tool Grinder Is Used For Manufacturing And Grinding Tools Of Superhard Materials
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Diamond Tool Grinder Is Used For Manufacturing And Grinding Tools Of Superhard Materials


Diamond tool grinder

Diamond tool grinder is used for manufacturing and grinding tools of superhard materials such as PCD, PCBN, and CVD. These superhard materials have high hardness, brittleness, and special grinding process requirements. At present, manual operation of machine tools is the mainstream equipment of superhard tool grinding. Complex grinding process requires machine tools to be flexible enough for manual intervention by operators. Oscillation of grinding wheel The diamond grinding wheel used in the superhard tool grinding machine rubs against the tool and causes loss. In order to extend the life of the grinding wheel and minimize the number of dressing. The grinding wheel is required to swing back and forth within the specified range so that the grinding wheel can wear evenly in the direction of ring width. Grinding wheel swing generally has two ways: crankshaft connecting rod mechanism and NC program drive ball screw. The former makes the motor rotate and turn into the grinding wheel to swing back and forth through the mechanical structure. While the latter is controlled through the program. The mechanical structure controlled by the program is simple and stable, easy to adjust and maintain.

On-line tool setting device

Using a grinding method to remove superhard tool material not only consumes time but also consumes expensive diamond grinding wheel. In order to reduce the grinding allowance as much as possible. The machine tools are equipped with on-line tool setting devices. Before grinding, set the tool, take the standard marking line on the microscope as the benchmark. Adjust the cross table to make the blade match with it, and adjust the grinding allowance to the minimum. At present, most super-hard tools are turning tools or blades. Which do not have an accurate positioning reference (cylinder) as axisymmetric tools. Therefore, the on-line tool setting device is an effective tool to determine its processing position.

Heavy-duty guide

Super hard tool grinding machine adopts n-o linear guide with a strong capacity to bear a heavy load. which can bear a higher rated load and bear a certain amount of torque with high rigidity. The contact surface of the two guide rails adopts the support of needle roller. Which supports and rolls between the two guide rails when the guide rails of the machine tool move, greatly reducing the friction coefficient. Even 1/50 of the ordinary sliding guide rails. The needle roller can quickly respond to the requirements of the machine tool dragging system so that the swing axis can achieve high precision and stable linear movement under high load. At the same time, the needle roller retainer will share the wear of the guide rail to each needle roller. Thus extending the service life of the linear guide rail. A superhard cutting tool widely used in the "to the generation of grinding", "high-speed cutting, dry cutting, etc in the advanced manufacturing technology. The precision of the edge and roughness (can achieve Ra0.05 microns) demanding each knife is on the machine tool through the multi-channel process carefully produced. High accuracy of NC machine tools, high rigidity, and easy operation.
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