PCBN Insert And PCD Insert Products
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PCBN Insert And PCD Insert Products
PCBN Insert And PCD Insert Products
PCBN Insert And PCD Insert Products

PCBN Insert And PCD Insert Products

  1.PCBN insert and PCD Insert Products introduction: PCBN is short for polycrystalline cubic boron nitride. PCBN Insert has high hardness, microhardness HV700~9800Mpa, similar to diamond hardness, high thermal conductivity, and can withstand high cutting temperature. Hardened steel has high strength, high hardness, low plasticity, large cutting force, high cutting temperature, and high requirements for tool resistance, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity. According to the current processing technology, PCBN Insert is very suitable for processing hardened steel tools. It can process high hardness cast iron, steel, gray cast iron, stainless steel, and so on. PCD is short for polycrystalline diamond, which is translated into Chinese as polycrystalline diamond. Polycrystalline diamond refers to a polycrystal sintered at a high temperature (1400℃) under high pressure by mixing diamond micro powder (micron size) with a small amount of metal powder (such as Co, etc.).Industrial use is mainly PCD composite, PCD insert is to use PCD composite blade as raw material. PCD insert has the advantages of high hardness, low friction coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient, wear resistance, long life, and so on. In recent years, as long as the tool to car generation of grinding, milling generation of grinding processing, PCBN insert and PCD insert products are very popular.  

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Why choose the PCBN insert and PCD insert products? Because the hardness of CBN powder can reach HV8000~9000, heat resistance of 1400℃~1500℃, at 800℃ high-temperature hardness is higher than the normal temperature hardness of ceramics and hard alloy, so it can be used than hard alloy tool 3~5 times higher speed for cutting. And, PCBN tool for a variety of materials bonding, high-temperature diffusion effect is much smaller than the carbide tool, thermal conductivity is more than 20 times higher than the hard alloy, and with the increase of temperature, its thermal conductivity will be enhanced. In addition, the friction coefficient between CBN and different materials is only 0.1~0.3 (cemented carbide is 0.4~0.6), the friction coefficient will decrease with the increase of cutting speed, so the machining surface accuracy is higher. The geometrical parameters of the PCD tool depend on the workpiece condition, tool material and structure, and other specific processing conditions. Because the PCD tool is often used in the finishing of the workpiece, the cutting thickness is small (sometimes even equal to the cutting edge radius), and belongs to the micro-cutting, so the back Angle and the back tool face processing quality have a significant impact, smaller back Angle, higher back tool surface quality for improving the PCD tool processing quality can play an important role. PCBN insert edge treatment in manufacturing? The cutting edge of a tool refers to the interface between the front and back surfaces of the blade where the workpiece material separates to form chips and the machined surface. Cutting edge processing, is after the blade grinding, through the edge of chamfering, passivation, leveling, polishing, and other processing, so as to improve the quality of the tool and improve the service life of the tool. What are the advantages of PCBN tool applications in the automotive industry? PCBN tools with high-speed CNC machine tools, can shorten the non-processing time to more than half, but also reduce the non-processing time, increase the service life of machine tools, and improve processing efficiency.PCBN tools are very convenient for turning shafts, gears, and wear rings.PCBN tool in the automobile cylinder body, cylinder head, axle, gearbox, bearing cover, and other parts processing applications. PCD insert application PCD insert is widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, electronics, and other industries, can process non-ferrous metal materials and non-metallic materials and. PCD insert is suitable for the processing of Al, Mg, Cu, and other non-ferrous metal materials, their alloys, and non-metallic materials. PCD inserts cutting parameters are recommended! (1) Cutting speed The PCD insert can be cut at very high spindle speed. The change of cutting speed can improve the machining quality. Although high-speed cutting can improve the machining efficiency, the increase in cutting temperature and cutting force can make the tooltip damaged and make the machine tool vibrate. The reasonable cutting speed of the PCD tool is also different when machining different workpiece materials. (2) Quantity of feed If the PCD insert feed is too large, the residual geometric area on the workpiece will increase and the surface roughness will increase. If the feed is too small, it will increase the cutting temperature and reduce the cutting life; (3) Cutting depth PCD insert is generally used in finishing processes, too large cutting depth will increase the cutting force and cutting heat, thus aggravating tool wear and affecting tool life. PCD inserts with different particle sizes show different cutting performance when machining different workpiece materials under different machining conditions. Therefore, the actual cutting parameters of PCD inserts should be determined according to the specific machining conditions.    


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