Development And Features OF BT-150HG CBN Tool Grinder
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Development And Features OF BT-150HG CBN Tool Grinder


In an environment where the economic situation is increasingly uncertain. Our company's main customers are automakers, home appliance manufacturers, general industrial machinery manufacturers and other companies facing the global cost and quality competition. In this case, the tool grinder is required to have more reliable processing precision and low cost and high production performance. And there is a higher demand for shortening the product life cycle and diversifying the flexibility of the equipment. In order to meet the above requirements, our company has developed the CBN tool grinder for mass production of small shaft parts.

Features of BT-150HG CBN tool grinder

1. Stable grinding accuracy The grinding wheel shaft, which is the heart of the grinding machine, is a hybrid type that combines dynamic and static pressure. No metal contact, no friction, long life. Its important feature is the high rotation accuracy achieved by high rigidity and low attenuation. Since its development, the company has been the pillar of the high precision of Demina grinding machines. 2. The industry's shorter processing beats achieves shorter processing tempo in the industry by increasing the rapid feed rate of the grinding wheel table and table. 3. Small footprint in the industry The device measures a width of 1,800mm and a depth of 2,400mm to achieve a small footprint in the industry. High-quality BT-150HG CBN tool grinder. In particular, maintenance space such as grinding wheel exchange is maintained on both sides of the equipment, taking into consideration space-saving and maintainability. 4. No need to change the type It is equipped with a side drive spindle that drives the workpiece through the top frictional forces on both sides. Thereby, the effect of full-length grinding of the outer diameter can achieve without driving the block. In particular, through the automatic tip distance adjustment function. It is possible to automatically correspond to workpieces of different lengths, and realize direct processing without changing the length of different workpieces. 5. Using a CBN grinding wheel to improve production performance By using the CBN grinding wheel, not only the trimming interval is extended, but also stable dimensional accuracy and surface finish are achieved. And the production performance is improved. BT-150HG CBN tool grinder can grind tool, which brings great convenience to users. 6. Simple operation The operation buttons are iconified, regardless of language, using icons that everyone knows. BT-150HG cutter grinding machine the texts display an icon display are easy to switch. As a visual system that can correspond to IoE, data such as current position and speed can sample at any time. Effectively early detection of equipment anomalies by comparison with normal values.  
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