Cutting Tool Edge Passivation Technology
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Cutting Tool Edge Passivation Technology


The technology of cutting edge passivation is not a general concern, but a very important aspect. Its importance lies in the fact that the passivated tool can effectively improve the strength of the cutting edge, increase the tool life, and the stability of the cutting process. Well-known technicians in the industry, the cutting tool is a “tooth” machine tool. In addition to cutting tool materials, cutting tools, cutting tool geometric parameters, and cutting parameters, the main factors affecting cutting performance and life are also blunt cutting edges. Practical experience of chemistry: Having a good blade type insert can achieve the same premise as to how fast the passivation quality is the same as the cutting tool and machining. Therefore, the condition of the cutting edge is also a factor that cannot be ignored.

On the micro-level, the cutting edge of the cutting tool after being sharpened by the grinding wheel does have different degrees of gap (i.e. the tiny chipping blade and saw mouth). The former can be observed with a naked eye and ordinary magnifying glass, while the latter can be observed with a 100 times (with a 0.010mm engraved line) microscope. The micro gap is generally between 0.01mm and 0.05mm, and more than 0.1mm in severe cases. In the process of cutting tool cutting edge, the micro gap is easy to expand, accelerate tool wear, and damage.

Modern high-speed cutting and automatic machine tools have put forward higher requirements for tool performance and stability. In particular, the coated tool must be passivated before being coated, so as to ensure the fastness and service life of the coating.

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