Correct Operation Of BT-150M Tool Grinder
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Correct Operation Of BT-150M Tool Grinder


Development space of Tool grinding machine

The tool grinding machine has high precision, good rigidity, and economy. It is especially suitable for sharpening various small and medium-sized tools. Such as reamer, tap, twist drill, reaming drill, various milling cutters, milling cutter heads, and shape cutters. With the corresponding attachments, it is possible to grind the outer circle, the inner circle, and the plane, and also grind the sample and the mold. A variety of carbide tools can sharpen with a diamond wheel. is mainly composed of a bed, cross slide, lifting sleeve, grinding head and various accessories. There are four kinds of movements: spindle rotation, longitudinal movement, lateral movement, and vertical lifting movement. The longitudinal movement adopts the rolling steel guide rail. The lifting sleeve is the rolling screw drive; the lateral movement is the sliding guide rail. The grinding head spindle can realize four kinds of rotation speeds for grinding different tools. As indispensable equipment for industrial manufacturing, China's tool grinding machine industry is growing at a double-digit rate every year, ushered in a period of rapid development. Tool grinding machines have become the mainstream of China's machine tool consumption. In recent years. The strong demand for China's CNC machine tool industry will continue to maintain rapid growth, with an average annual compound growth rate of 37.4%. The domestic machine tool industry presents a situation of joint development of state-owned, private and foreign-funded enterprises. The industry structure is optimized, and the overall quality is significantly improved. Faced with the fast-growing demand and the vast market space, China's CNC machine tool industry is constantly forging ahead, comparable to Europe and the United States. A number of key technical indicators of CNC machinery in China have reached the international advanced level, and some indicators have even reached the world's leading level, providing a guarantee for China's growing demand.

Adjusting the worktable of the tool grinder

BT-150M tool grinder hydraulic system belongs to closed circulation pipeline, the fault is invisible, and the difficult diagnosis is its main feature. The worktable is driven by hydraulic pressure oil to push the hydraulic cylinder to reciprocate longitudinally. When the workbench is reversing, it is found that Impact or significant retention will directly affect the dressing of the grinding wheel. The tool grinder can be adjusted by adjusting the screws on both sides of the control box. Generally, the screw can be screwed in when the impact phenomenon occurs, and the opposite is true when there is a detention phenomenon. When adjusting, pay attention to the adjustment screw, whether it is the end of the control phase adjustment. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive and creates new faults. After adjustment is complete, the screws should be re-locked. When there is still retention and impact after the adjustment of the tool grinder, it is necessary to scrape the contact surface between the workbench and the guide rail vertically parallel. And the mechanical oil and stearic acid are heated by about 150 °C and then added to the table rail after cooling.

Correct operation of the tool grinder

1. Wipe the tool grinder work platform and wipe the bottom of the level. 2. Use the left and right handwheels to move the table to the left, then place the level on the left and right and front and back of the work surface. Adjust the foot screws, and slowly adjust the level. 3. Use the left and right handwheels to move the table to the right, place the level on the left and right and front and back of the table, and then adjust the foot screws to make them level. 4. Move the workbench to the operator side with the front and rear handwheels and level the workbench (the same method as above). 5. Use the front and rear handwheels to move the workbench to the side of the operation and level the workbench. 6. Before and after the work platform, the horizontal level is here, within 0.02-0.03mm and can be. 7. The workbench must be ground at the school level. This way, if you look at the plane and feel it is not vibrating and feel, you can do it if you have no problem. In general, it is mainly to pay attention to the dressing of the grinding wheel of the tool grinding machine. Before the dressing, the grinding wheel should be statically balanced, so that the operation of the grinding wheel is no problem. Then, when grinding the tool grinder table, it is necessary to control the traverse speed, which can slow down appropriately to avoid trimming unevenness. The amount of coolant added during the dressing process is also critical. When the workpiece is machined, the amount of heat generated is much higher. When you trim the workbench, the coolant is less, mainly to ensure the deformation of the table when trimming and processing the product. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd a professional . If you are interested in our products, you can come to consult or inspect.
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