Classification Of Machining Tools
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Classification Of Machining Tools


Machining Tools have many types of classification

1. According to the application, they can be divided into special and universal tools, also called standard and non-standard tools. 2. According to the tool material, there are high-speed steel, cemented carbide, metal ceramic, ceramic material, CBN, and PCD machining tools. pcd insert

3. According to the manufacturing process of machining tools, there are welding, coated and non-re-sharpening machine clamped tools. 4. According to the appearance, they can be divided into translation type, rotary type, sizing adjustable tools. 5. According to the equipment using, there are turning the tool, milling cutter, drill, boring cutter, planer, grinding wheel and so on. Hob, gear slotting cutter, razor, and other special tools 6. According to the processing parts, hole processing tools such as drilling, reaming, boring, grinding so on. Plane processing tools mainly for all kinds of the milling cutter such as face milling cutter, end milling cutter, corn milling cutter and so on. In addition, there are groove class, cylindrical class, curved surface, cavity and so on.milling cutter

7. It seems to be various, but in fact, it is only according to the components and different needs, management, manufacturing and application to classify. We should choose a suitable grinding tool according to the type of machining tools used. A series of tool grinding machines developed and manufactured by our company can basically meet the grinding and manufacturing of most of the machining tools above. Customers can contact us and tell us your needs through the following information, and we will help you choose the most suitable program.  
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