Classification And Function Of Tool Grinding Machines
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Classification And Function Of Tool Grinding Machines


The tool grinding machine has high precision, good rigidity, and is economical and practical. It is especially suitable for sharpening various small and medium tools. Such as reamer, tap, twist drill, reaming drill, various milling cutters, PCD tools or PCBN tools. With the corresponding accessories, it can grind tools in many industries such as outer circle, inner circle, and flat surface. Diamond wheels can be used to sharpen a variety of carbide tools. Equipped with corresponding machine tool attachments, it is possible to grind machining tools, fixtures, and molds with complicated shapes such as shafts with small outer diameters, rectangular planes, bevels, grooves, and hemispheres.

Classification And Function Of Tool Grinding Machines

1. Manual PCD tool grinder: This series of grinders can operate with a computer when in use, and require very little manual operation. This type of grinder combines the functions of a cylindrical grinder and a tool grinder, and can not only grind PCBN and CVD blades. It can also grind hard alloys and sharpen general tools, such as milling cutters, reamers, gear cutters, turning tools, planers and so on. BT-150J PCD Grinder can sharpen straight groove gear hobs, drills, etc. with special accessories. The wheel shaft runs well and is easy to adjust. The worktable can be automatically reciprocated by hydraulic transmission, and can also be controlled by the novel manual hydraulic follow-up mechanism, which is flexible and lightweight.

2. BT-150M Tool Grinder: This series of machine tools are suitable for grinding PCD, PCBN, CVD, tungsten, cemented carbide and other materials. As well as the grinding angle and radius on many types of special turning tools. The grinding range is also very wide. China BT-150M Tool Grinder can also grind various milling inserts, boring tools, grooving tools, etc. if equipped with special accessories. This series of the machine tool has a flexible grinding wheel mechanism, which can adjust two degrees of space. The work head can rotate in two directions and has an international standard No. 50 tapered hole, which is convenient for installing various tools and fixtures. The table is supported on pre-loaded ball guide rails for smooth movement.

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