BT-150DZ Automatic CNC PCD Tool Grinder
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BT-150DZ Automatic CNC PCD Tool Grinder

BT-150DZ Automatic CNC PCD Tool Grinder

Bt-150DZ automatic CNC PCD tool grinder, which is equipped with on-line grinding wheel dressing, on-line probe measurement and assembly. Various types of grinding programs can be stored, and the envelope grinding method can be realized. It is suitable for the manufacture of V-cut tool, grooving cutter and other cutters

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Product description


The machine tool is equipped with on-line derssing wheel measuring probe and dz-in Bt-150 automatic grinding machine. Various types of grinding programs can be stored, and the envelope grinding method can be realized. It is suitable for the manufacture of V-cut tool, grooving cutter and other cutters.


Machine features:


  1. Self controlled grinding process software


In the way of function integration, we have developed the software package of diamond tools, alloy rotary tools (milling cutter, drill bit, ladder, drill tap and reamer), alloy non-standard tools and alloy knife standard blades, which have been successfully applied to the diamond tool grinder and alloy tool grinding equipment produced by demina company.


  1. Grinding wheel on-line dressing and cleaning is a necessary condition for the rapid change of grinding wheel surface condition and size caused by diamond tool grinding and the realization of automation. The mirror effect (Ra0.2) of the large flank of Kyocera PCD blade is realized by this set of technology. The independently developed application software provides flexible and diverse grinding wheel cleaning and compensation schemes for different processes.


  1. On line probe and image measurement


Demina is committed to the tool grinding business, and has been facing the problems of a wide variety of tools and small and medium-sized batch production. The efficient and flexible probe function provides strong technical support for tool grinding. Rotary PCD milling cutter is synthesized by grinding PCD composite plate welded on the chute. It can detect the three points on the composite plate and calculate its spatial position or attitude, which can ensure the uniformity of the blade belt in the grinding process. When grinding diamond tools, the size of the grinding wheel changes in rapid wear, and the material is too hard, which causes the tool to yield and serious size deviation. The operator needs to visually inspect and immediately adjust the cross table before grinding.


  1. Automatic loading and unloading of manipulator




The grinder developed by demina is becoming more and more mature in use, and customers’ requirements for automatic loading and unloading are becoming more and more clear. In the environment of declining labor skills and rising labor costs, demina company has accelerated the research and development of automatic loading and unloading of manipulator. The “cooperative robot”, which can pause under the action of external force to avoid accidents, caters to this market demand. It can be used not only for grinding machines, but also for working occasions of tool measurement and blade sorting inspection. It has taken another big step forward in realizing the black light factory of tool manufacturing.


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