BT-300 Chamfering Machine: Dressing Of Grinding Wheel
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BT-300 Chamfering Machine: Dressing Of Grinding Wheel


The negative chamfering refers to the sharpening of a specified angle and the width of the chamfering edge on the insert. The negative chamfering increases the wedge angle of the cutter enlarges the heat dissipation area and increases the deformation of cutting chip. Which is of great significance for improving the tool life and the rolling of chips. Therefore, it is very important for grinding the right negative chamfer. It is special equipment for the negative edge of the insert. The chamfering can carry out according to different angles of the insert. And the grinding wheel can carry out according to different angles of the insert. And the grinding wheel can dress at any time, so as to ensure that the high quality negative chamfer with different requirements.

The adjustment of the negative chamfering angle

The model BT-300 machine is using the adjustment iron plate for negative chamfer angle according to the need for specialized angle adjustment. With four angle adjustment plates, 10 degrees, 20 degrees, 25 degrees, 30 degrees. Changing the angle adjusting plates on the fixing plate. It can grind different negative chamfer, to meet the requirements for chamfering insert angle. It is easy to operate and replace, just screw down the screw.

Dressing of the grinding wheel

In the chamfering process, the grinding wheel will wear with grinding. Resulting in the phenomenon of the uneven surface of the grinding wheel. Therefore, it can timely dress the grinding wheel flat, and it is also important for grinding high quality insert chamfering. BT-300 uses the dressing mechanism of swing arm type. The oil stone installed on the swingarm at the same time. To ensure the contact surface of the grinding wheel and the grinding stone is completely the same. Eliminates grinding uneven, ensure the smooth surface after grinding wheel dressing. In the process of dressing the grinding wheel, the rotary arm hand wheel is used to feed the oil stone to keep the oil stone and the grinding wheel in a dressing state.
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