Application Of PCBN Inserts
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Application Of PCBN Inserts


Divide By Processing Material Of PCBN Inserts

1. High hardness cast iron (hardness HSD75 or above)
Such as high chromium cast iron, alloy cast iron, hard nickel cast iron, white cast iron, and other materials that can be processed, typical parts such as rollers, industrial pumps.Bn-k1 and bn-k10 PCBN blades are recommended.

2.High hardness steel parts (hardness HRC45 or above)

Such as high manganese steel, high-speed steel, quenched steel and so on, typical parts include rolling mortar wall, high-speed steel roller, hardened gear/gear shaft, bearing, ball screw, mold, etc.

3. Ordinary grey cast iron (ht150/200/250/300)

PCBN inserts’ engine block / cylinder head, pulley, brake drum, brake disc, clutch pressure plate, etc. are all ordinary gray cast iron. Therefore, users are advised to use PCBN blades made of bn-s300 and BNK30.

4. Other materials that are difficult to process

For some other difficult to process materials, such as high temperature alloy materials, powder metallurgy, and cobalt-based thermal spray materials with high hardness. Bn-s300, bn-s200, BDN80 and other materials are recommended for PCBN insertion.

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