Application Of CNC Diomand Tool Grinding Machine
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Application Of CNC Diomand Tool Grinding Machine


With the decrease of non-renewable tungsten resources and the improvement of superhard (PCD-PCBN) materials, superhard (PCD-PCBN) tools will gradually replace cemented carbide tools and become the main tools for metal processing. Diamond cutting tools have high hardness, good wear resistance and thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient and thermal expansion coefficient, therefore, they are widely used in modern cutting processes. They have become an indispensable and important tool in modern material processing. Because of the high hardness of diamond, it is difficult to grind diamond tools. Diamond tool grinder, grinding technology and equipment are the necessary technology and equipment for the development and application of superhard tools. They are the important guarantee for the accuracy and quality of tool processing, and have a great impact on the promotion and application of diamond tools. The CNC diamond tool grinder manufactured by Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a morden innovative equipment which in order to realize the automation of domestic superhard (PCD&PCBN) tool manufacturing, to reduce labor costs, to improve production quality and efficiency by using intelligent means such as CNC technology, application software, video capture and sensors.

1. Self-developed CNC system:

Providing the program of controlling grinding motion of machine tools, and various switching quantities of PLC program. It has all kinds of machine tool control knobs and easy-to-operate control panel.

2. Application software including superhard tool grinding process:

The software calculates tool, grinding wheel and process parameters that has been input, then generates standard NC G code. The software also has a real-time video system for tool alignment and online dimension measurement.

3. Motion alrithm of uniform wear of grinding wheel:

The grinding wheel of machine tool can swing back and forth, and the swing position, amplitude, frequency and times can be set in advance in the program. The grinding wheel realizes "sinusoidal" swing, which optimizes the motion quality and prolongs the mechanical life.

4. Automatic dressing and compensation of grinding wheel:

The automatic dressing device of grinding wheel is installed on the end face of the grinding wheel. Driven by compressed air, the diamond grinding wheel is automatically dressed and cleaned.

5. The device of online measurement and compensation:

The grinding tool is measured under the drive of NC program, and then the wear of grinding wheel is compensated according to the measured value.
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